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From humble beginnings as an Outdoor Media Vendor in 2003, Blaze OOH has grown into a full service Out of Home Media Agency servicing long term clients within Pakistan. With presence in 9 cities, Blaze OOH easily manages to navigate the countrywide landscape for its.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sundas Foundation

A non-profit organization that provides lifesaving blood transfusions to thousands of patients in Pakistan suffering from blood related illness. Blaze has been an integral support system to this cause from its inception, providing necessary funding for the construction and gradual expansion of the clinic premises located in Shadman and the provision of state of the art equipment to screen blood samples. Sundas Foundation offers a comprehensive treatment to hundreds of registered patients, mostly children suffering from chronic blood diseases such as Thalassemia, Hemophilia and Leukemia.

Chaiman Message

An experienced entrepreneur armed with an MBA degree in Marketing Management, plus 20 years of solid Marketing and Advertising work experience, has various startups to his credit.

The three core businesses in his portfolio highlight his focus and full commitment as a sole proprietor to oversee growth, sustainability and enhancement.

This lineup of business units expresses the mindset of Mr. Lone: Blaze OOH is the driving force that keeps challenging the group to improve, innovate and think laterally. Travel business emerged with the mindset to deliver on the promise of three basic rules in hospitality: Safe, Sound and Satisfied. The Dairy farm is an offshoot of the vision of living a healthier life – Fresh milk with all its goodness preserved.

From an economic perspective, all three trades cover different spectrums of the market, ensuring that the group is sustainable during the testing times of an economic calamity.

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